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About Us


Lots of Companies “Make” Hammocks and Outdoor Leisure Furniture—We Prefer to “Create” Them

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words", and when the image of a gently swaying hammock or comfortable outdoor furniture enters the mind, our thoughts are immediately transported to a place where relaxation and ease of living is the order of the day.  At Harbourside Hammocks, we want your new leisure furniture to be “picture perfect,” which is why we reject cookie-cutter designs that fail to inspire any thought other than mass production.

No, we don’t build our leisure furniture one piece at a time, but we do “create” truly beautiful furniture that is admired by the most casual observer.  Our company’s mission is both simple and complex.  Quite simply, we want to enhance America’s leisure time by producing unsurpassed quality hammocks and outdoor leisure furniture that feature a virtual rainbow of fade resistant colors, ultra-durability and stunning new designs.  The final product is then shipped directly to you from our distribution center in Clinton,North Carolina.


There Really is No Substitute for Experience


Through the years and for the last quarter of a century, our well-respected company has been a leader in the manufacture and sale of a wide variety of outdoor leisure furniture, each of which is the result of years of experience and our uncompromising commitment to superior product quality and customer satisfaction.  Time teaches many lessons in any industry, and as an industry leader, we’ve learned that only the most comprehensive and rigorous quality control procedures can ensure consistent excellence in very piece of leisure furniture we “create.”



As a final guarantee of product quality, our products must also pass strict and independent manufacturing audits by major American retailers.  Of course, our leisure furniture passes every test , which is why they are fast becoming a leisure time favorite from Maine to California.

And as our company moves foward in the 21st century, we’ve taken our uncompromising commitment to superior product quality and applied it to our expanded line of outdoor products.  We are now proud to offer a full line of outdoor leisure furniture.

Our patio sets, café tables, dining and all-weather furniture are all made with ultra-durability, stunning new designs and are available in a wide array of brilliant fade resistant colors.


When it comes to the World’s Finest Hammocks and Outdoor Leisure Furniture, We Leave Absolutely Nothing to Chance

While many companies rely on countless, outsourced vendors in the hope that all the “parts and pieces” will come together in an “acceptable” quality product, we do not at Harbourside Hammocks. We maintain control of every step from the drawing board to the choice of raw materials to weaving techniques in the fabrics we use, to direct supervision of assembly, to careful packaging to final delivery to your door.  Now you know why all hammocks and outdoor leisure furniture is not the same.


Our Premium Quality Products Are Also Ultra-Affordable

Our company is firmly committed to providing consumers with unparalleled value and genuine affordability.  Because we control the entire process from design to delivery, innovative and significant efficiencies are the inevitable result.  Greater efficiencies mean lowered costs for us and a very budget-friendly price tag to you.

Now you know what our company is all about—we’re all about your 100% complete product and customer satisfaction from a company you can trust.  Our goal is your goal—quality leisure time in a beautiful and always premier quality Harbourside “creation” that is guaranteed to soothe your cares away for many years to come.  When you choose Harbourside Hammocks, we’re quite certain you will be very glad you did!





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