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The History of Harbourside Hammocks


Our story begins with the development of the hammock in Central and South America.  We are told it is thought to be the invention of the Mayan Indians in Central America.  We followed the travels of the hammock along the extensive trade routes of the Indian nations in Central and South America which resulted in the adoption of the hammock in almost all of Central America, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico, and in the South American countries of Brazil and Ecuador.

We learned the earliest hammocks were woven out of the bark of the Hamak tree and, because the fibers could be softened, Sisal plant fibers soon replaced Hamak bark.  The quality of the hammock had begun its historical climb to the level of Harbourside Hammocks. As the use of the hammock spread over a variety of locales and local materials began to be used, changes in the styles of hammocks began to emerge. They not only became a method for sleeping comfortably, but we saw they were also used as couches and chairs and we noted that the first leisure furniture was born.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus was introduced to the “hamaca” by the Taino Indians of Haiti. Seeing the practicality of the hammock as a sleeping device, he brought a number of them back to Europe where the use of the hammock quickly caught on with the British and French navies.  And from there it made its way back to our world, the New World – America.



The long history of the hammock continued until Harbourside Hammocks seized the opportunity to take the quality of the simple “hamaca” and raise it to the level of modern leisure time furniture. The versatility of its use and the comfort and the restfulness it provided compelled the founders of Harbourside Hammocks to strive and continue the development and advancement of the hammock.

It was after many years of struggle regarding proper design, materials, cloth and color that finally over a quarter of a century ago Harbourside Hammocks became an industry leader.The concept today, as it was so long ago, is to be the premier hammock and luxury outdoor furniture provider for America.

Throughout history, Harbourside engineers and designers strove to develop the highest quality, strongest and safest hammocks with the designs and styles that would enhance any household’s décor.  Harbourside Hammocks has grown from the humble beginnings of creating small quantities of high quality hammocks to being the premier company having designed and sold over 5 million quality hammocks worldwide to homes just like yours.

Harbourside Hammock’s long history of manufacturing the highest quality hammocks in the industry and our experience of designing those hammocks can now decorate your home in styles and models to enhance the luxurious living that you desire.

That’s the history of the hammock and it’s our history as well.  We look out into the world and we see millions of our hammocks providing the longed for serenity of perfect repose. The calm amidst the storm of everyday life. The beautification of your home in the style of leisure furniture that suits your personality and lifestyle. The hammock in which you rest and live your tropical island dream, right there in your own back yard.

Contact us, we’re dedicated, experienced and we’d love to us help you choose from our vast array of styles and types of hammocks the one perfect hammock for your décor on your deck, terrace, patio, lanai, outdoor living space or pool. We have designed hammocks and outdoor furniture for every lifestyle and budget. Call and let us be of service.


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