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Parachute Silk

If you would like to take a hammock with you while travelling, you will appreciate a model made of parachute silk. Parachute silk is made of nylon trilobal, is extremely light and compact, making it the perfect material for travel hammocks.


 Ultralight and space efficient

The nylon threads that parachute silk is made of are so thin that they are hardly visible to the naked eye. When spun into a fabric, the nylon is approximately as thin as a maple leaf. Folded, a hammock made of parachute silk takes up only slightly more space than a bottle of 0.7 litres

Tearproof and soft like silk

Apart from its weight, tear resistance is a crucial feature of parachute silk products. The surface structure of the material is very similar to silk. Parachute silk is breathable, thus providing a comfortable body temperature even in warmer regions.

   The perfect material for travel hammocks

One further feature of parachute silk is its very comfortable surface structure that reminds of silk. As the material is also breathable, a comfortable lying experience can be guaranteed even for warmer latitudes.

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