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Everyone who gets used to their hammock will not want to do without it in everyday life. In order to be able to enjoy your hammock for many years to come you should pay attention to a couple of things.

Protect it from abrasion



When suspending your hammock you should pay special attention to whether it swings freely and does not touch the ground or other objects.








Regardless of whether you put up your hammock inside or outside, with time there will be signs of use. Hammocks without spreader bars are machine washable at 30°C. Hammocks with spreader bars cannot be washed in a washing machine. In this case you will have to resort to washing it by hand.




Take it down at night



Hammocks made of cotton should be protected from moisture. Therefore you should take down your hammock as soon as it gets dark to protect it from dew. If your hammock has become wet just put it on a clothes stand.




Dry in winter



When the days outside grow colder, your garden hammock has done its job and needs to rest for the winter. Shake it well to remove dust and dirt, fold it up and put it in a plastic foil to protect it from moths. Over the winter months your hammock needs to be stored in a dry and protected room inside the house/apartment.


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