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Lying Position

Someone not used to lying in a hammock will need some patience and practice to find the perfect lying position. But it is definitely worth it: Full comfort of a hammock is experienced most intensely when lying diagonally.

Hammock newcomers tend to lie down in their hammock lengthwise. Unfortunately, this position is not very comfortable, though. In bent posture the fabric closes so tightly around the body that you will not be able to look outside. Behind all the fabric you will not be able to see your surroundings.


The ideal position: Lying diagonally

By lying diagonally, the body opens up the fabric so that you will be able to enjoy looking into the sky or keep an eye on your surroundings.

Hammock enthusiasts are sure about one thing: the perfect position in a hammock is lying diagonally. In this position your head is headed in one direction and your feet in another. Lying diagonally also improves the swinging experience, as you do not move from right to left but back and forth like in a rocking chair.


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