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      The Hammock Effect


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The Hammock Effect


Research Method

According to a 2011 scientific study conduct by French and Swiss scientists and published in “Current Biology,” falling asleep faster than usual and the quality of that sleep was improved by the use of a hammock.

Scientific research has now proven what millions of people in Central and South America have known for generations, hammocks are wonderful for sleeping!

The scientists asked 10 subjects to take two 45 minute naps, one in a hammock and the other in a traditional bed.  There was no history of sleep problems in any of the subjects.  Their sleep was monitored by EEG.  As the men slept, the machines monitored their brains to study how deeply and quickly they fell asleep.  No women were included in the study due the fact that menstrual cycles could interfere with the monitoring.


The Findings

The swaying motion of the hammock is similar to what a baby experiences in a cradle or when they are rocked.  Scientists were surprised to find that the quality of sleep increased, though they had suspected that the swaying motion to put the subject to sleep faster. As of June 2011, the scientists were still unsure as to why swaying motion of the hammock contributed to a greater quality of sleep.


The Brain Activity

During the N2 sleep cycle, which consists of a deeper stage of sleep and no rapid eye movement (REM), increased sleep spindles were recorded.  The N2 cycle itself lasted longer when the subjects slept in a hammock.  “Psychology Today” states that sleep spindles increase the ability to learn and help to refresh the brain.


The Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock

Long-term effects have not been determined, but it is clear from this scientific study that, in the case of naps, sleeping in a hammock increases the quality of your sleep and allows you to fall asleep faster.  So, for longer, restful, higher quality sleep, slide into a Harbourside hammock!

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