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All About Hammocks

Hammocks without spreader bars originated in South America and still are a classic among all hammocks. They are available in different sizes and materials and can be used inside as well as outside. Due to their versatility, they are very popular among all age groups, couples, families and people just looking for relaxation. The perfect lying position for a hammock without spreader bars is a diagonal position. Due to its construction, it is almost impossible to fall out of a classic hammock without spreader bars.

The History of Hammock

Like nothing else, hammocks embody the relaxed way of life experienced in Latin America, which some of our readers might have already experienced while travelling to the Caribbean, Brazil or Mexico. It istheobject of identification for Latinos as such.


When choosing a hammock, its size is of great relevance. Given enough space there are almost no boundaries to the size of a hammock: the width of the fabric surface strongly influences the hammock’s comfort.


To really be able to enjoy your hammock you need to find the perfect spot for it. This spot should offer enough space and also provide the possibility to suspend the hammock. Important: when mounting a hammock it is important to add space to let the hammock sag. Because the more a hammock sags, the more comfortable it will be.

A short overview of all possibilities for suspension:

Lying Position

Someone not used to lying in a hammock will need some patience and practice to find the perfect lying position. But it is definitely worth it: Full comfort of a hammock is experienced most intensely when lying diagonally.


Everyone who gets used to their hammock will not want to do without it in everyday life. In order to be able to enjoy your hammock for many years to come you should pay attention to a couple of things.

Hammock with Spreader Bar

Hammocks with spreader bars are a further development of the classic hammock. Developed by sailors in colonial times this kind of hammock still has a large number of followers. For hammocks with spreader bars, different criteria apply in comparison to classic hammocks without spreader bars.

Hammock Chair

The hammock chair (also called hammock armchair, hammock seat or hammock swing) has developed into a very popular way of seating over the last decades. In a hammock chair, the feet mostly touch the ground. Very similar to a rocking chair one can steer the swinging movement individually. 

The Hammock Effect

According to a 2011 scientific study conduct by French and Swiss scientists and published in “Current Biology,” falling asleep faster than usual and the quality of that sleep was improved by the use of a hammock.

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